Refund Policy

We provides cloud platform and configuration services, to its customers (“Customer(s)”, “you”, “your”), and such use of the Services by the Customers shall be governed by online terms of service available at link, executed between Pando servers and the Customer. This refund policy describes the cases in which a refund may be due to the Customer and sets out the terms governing such refund. Your use of the Services or your registration with us for availing the Services, constitutes your agreement to this Policy. We may modify this Policy at any time by posting a revised version of the same on our  website and the amended version of this Policy shall become automatically binding on you, if you continue to avail of the Services.

❖ In connection of your use of our Services, a refund may arise in the following cases:-

A. Refund for Invoice Discrepancies

•    If you find any discrepancies in our invoices with respect to usage metrics or the Services subscribed by you and/or other details mentioned on the invoice like GSTIN etc., you are required to email us at within 7 (Seven) days of first receipt of Invoice on email id (s) registered with us(“Invoice Email”).
•    We will verify the validity of the alleged discrepancies internally and after verifying whether any refund is due, we may at our discretion, offer you a credit note or infra credits and/or refund the proportionate amount, wherever required.
•    If you do not inform us of any discrepancy within 7 (Seven) days of the date of the Invoice Email, then thereafter, we will not entertain any requests to modify bills/offer credit notes or offer refund in any other form.

B. Refund in case of Deprovisioning of Services

All Services shall be presumed to be in an active state and shall be billed till the date of de- provisioning of respective Services. The Customer is required to follow the below process for making any de-provisioning request:-

  • Services have been provisioned manually by our team on your request, you shall have to explicitly file a request for de-provisioning of the Services by sending an email to us at specifying explicitly the date of de-provisioning. Such request shall be treated as valid only if sent through your authorized technical contact and the de-provisioning shall have to be unconditional.
  • On receiving your request for de-provisioning of Service(s), our provisioning team will de-provision that/ those Service(s) and send you and the Our finance team a de-provisioning mail (“De-provisioning Email”). We will cease billing for that/ those service(s) from the effective de- provisioning date mentioned in the De-Provisioning Email, which is copied to our finance team.
  • If you have NOT sent a de-provisioning request, you should send it as soon as possible, so that our team can proceed to issue a De- provisioning Email to you. Till the time the Services are de- provisioned, you remain liable to pay for the same. The finance team will be able to issue credit notes or infra credits only as per the above-mentioned process.
  • The billing period for Services includes the day of provisioning and the day of de-provisioning and all the days in between these two dates. All manually provisioned services including virtual/dedicated compute nodes are billed in advance as per the monthly billing cycle (unless you have specifically requested for a longer billing cycle).

If you request us to de-provision any manually provisioned service before the end of its billing cycle, we may, at our discretion, issue equivalent credit note or infra credits or refund the remaining amount charged in advance in full minus any payment gateway transaction charges to the source through which payment was received earlier. Alternatively, if you continue to avail other services that are still in the provisioned state, the remaining amount may be adjusted in the next billing cycle.

C. Refund of Prepaid Infra Credits

If you have any unused prepaid infra credits in your Customer Account and you don’t intend to use any further Services, then you can request refund by sending email to , provided Customer account is not in “Inactive/ dormant state”.

For the purpose of this clause, ‘Inactive/dormant state shall mean a Customer account which, at any point of time, has not consumed any of the Services in the preceding 90 (Ninety) day.

No refund shall be due after the expiry of 90 day and we shall have the right to invalidate such credits after following the process mentioned in our TOS.


All requests for refund shall be sent to  within the timeline mentioned herein above. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby waive all claims relating to fees/charges payable/already paid to us unless claimed within the timeline prescribed in this refund policy.